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Why I didn't vote for the English Democrats this morning

As a supporter of the Campaign for an English Parliament I might today be expected to vote for the English Democrats Party who support an English parliament. This special election day post reveals why the English Democrats will not be receiving my vote.

The latest survey from YouGov (pdf) indicates that the English Democrats enjoy the support of 1% of the population, which rises to 3% in the North of England where they have some form of agreement with the holo-hoaxers of the England First Party (see English nationalism vs British nationalism). The exact nature of the arrangement between these two parties remains unspecified and there is no mention of it on the EDP's website. However, the website of the England First Party shows their members delivering leaflets for the English Democrats and speaking at the launch party.

If the English Democrats do poll well in the North, as YouGov suggests, then they will no doubt trumpet this arrangement as a success. But for me the ends do not justify the means, and as the EDP remain silent about their association with the England First Party we cannot even know what 'ends' have been agreed to.

In February the English Democrats 'five-year election strategist' - Steve Uncles - posted what can only be described as a racist joke on the British Democracy Forum.


A Polish guy drinks his beer then suddenly throws his glass in the air, pulls out a pistol and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In Poland our glasses are so cheap that we don't need to drink from the same glass twice'

A Pakistani, obviously impressed by this, drinks his beer, throws the glass into the air, pulls out his AK-47 and shoots the glass to pieces.

He says, 'In Pakistan we have so much sand to make glasses that we don't need to drink out of the same glass twice either.'

A English chap, cool as a cucumber, picks up his beer and drinks it, throws the glass into the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the Pole and the Pakistani and catches his glass.

He says, 'In England we now have that many Pakistanis and Poles that we don't have to drink with the same ones twice.

God Bless England!

By April Steve Uncles had become the English Democrats lead candidate for the EU Parliament elections in the South East, a fact which led Bearded Socialist to ask "Should this guy ever be elected?". Two other questions spring immediately to mind: Should the English Democrats have allowed him to stand, and; Why didn't they force him to apologise or eject him from the party?

To date there has been no apology for this 'joke' from either the EDP or Steve Uncles, the lead candidate for my region. There is no way that I would vote for this man even if his 'official' line is somewhat different.

I look forward to the day when I can celebrate my English Identity, without the implication that I am 'Racist or a Bigot' - pride in one's Country is natural & healthy. - Steve Uncles

Presumably because a lack of pride in ones country is unnatural and unhealthy Steve Uncles then embarked on a series of distasteful attacks on Chris Lightfoot, all round good egg, genius, and online democracy and civil liberties campaigner, who tragically committed suicide. Tim Ireland takes up the case:

Rather than risk yet another ridiculous legal threat from yet another [expletive deleted], I'll mostly let Steve Uncle's own words speak for him in this post:

"You may recall the 'self hating' blogger - Chris Lightfoot, who in 2004, 'went off on one' just because he got a leaflet through his letter box with an England Flag on it. 18 Months ago the poor lad Committed Suicide - that's what happens when you hate your own country, you have no identity, no focus - nothing." - Steve Uncles, 30 May 2009

And just in case that wasn't enough:

"Good! Let's hope you go the same way as Chris Lightfoot" - Steve Uncles, 30 May 2009

And, as you can see, this is not a one-off or a 'moment of madness' but a theme that Steve Uncles keeps returning to:

"If we get the Liberal's way, and have a multi-cultural "soup" everywhere in the world - what fun will it be when we go abroad ? You self haters, really need to sharpen up you game. Chris Lightfoot, did not do ANYTHING for English Democracy. The guy was a waster." Steve Uncles, March 18, 2009

If another reason to not vote for Steve Uncles was needed, then his mocking of a suicide victim is it.

Then came the bizarre spat with blogger John Demetriou, which began when Alan England, former National Secretary of the English Democrats Party, now head of The English Lobby*, went on the attack over John's Greek surname:

The indications are that Dimeeteeooo is of Greek national or ethnic origin, assuming he was born here, who presumes to sneer at all things in England! Instead of tolerating such creeps - as we English people have in the past - we should ostracise them, shun 'em, let 'em know we are not going to put up with their bad manners without protest.

After all, if it is really so despicable here, they can always go the land of their forebears and save valuable space here. With luck, they might even enjoy another military junta, which could be more to their sour taste.

Such pieces as Dimeeteeooo's serve to encourage right thinking English folk that something needs to be done to rid us of all those foreigners who do not want to fit in but impose their ideas on us, whether they come from north or west of the borders or from further afield!

In the flame war that ensued Steve Uncles insisted that John Demetriou and anyone who was critical of the English Democrats and their manifesto, and in particular anyone who did not vote English Democrats, was "anti-English". Alan England (who goes by the handle Cassie on the British Democracy Forum) went further and referred to me as an anti-white racist. Another contributor he called "anti-white" and "racist" when they raised objection to the '14 words' that the England First Party use as their guiding principle, coined by David Lane: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children".

Now, kindly explain what is unacceptable about the aspiration: "we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" - Alan England

Eventually Steve Uncles was banned from the British Democracy Forum and crossed over to the CoSG forum to post the following challenge (which was almost immediately removed by the forum's administration - but not before I took a screenshot).

Steve Uncles

However much I agree with the principle of an English parliament I simply cannot bring myself to vote for a party that includes such odious individuals posting such odious material on public forums. I will leave the last word to Alan England himself whose thoughts on the conduct of the English Democrats when he fell out with them echo mine now:

England deserves much, much better than the English Democrats Party which is not truly democratic, nor does it accord long established rights to its members.

It is a counterfeit political party which too many of its members slavishly worship, instead of engaging their brains on something acceptable. They come here posting their inane comments, but hypocritically deny others similar opportunities to post comments on their websites.

* The English Lobby, relaunched at the English Democrats 2007 conference, was originally set up in 2004 by Christine Constable, the then Vice Chairman of the English Democrats, with support from two other parties: The Third Way and The Freedom Party. Today it operates under the direction of Alan England and Robin Tilbrook, Leader of the English Democrats Party.

Further Opinion:

UPDATE: An EDP member sets me straight.

Toque old chap please try and your facts right.

The press conference was organised and hosted by Cllr. Mike Johnson (yes he was once an EFP member) - who is now an EDP member. He was the EDP European Election campaign organiser for the NW Region. What he is now I don't know (ask Robin Tilbrook)?

All NW EDP and EFP members were invited to the press conference, and as far as I know, about 25 EDP members (including the 8 Euro candidates) and about 5 or 6 EFP members turned up.

There were four speakers - 3 from the EDP (Robin Tilbrook, Ed Abrams and Cllr. M. Johnson) and 1 from the EFP (Peter Rushton).

Those are the facts - happy

UPDATE II: Another EDP member sets me straight.

To qualify for a National Party Political Broadcast in the EU Elections you need to stand in ALL 9 English EU Regions - The North West of England, was going to let the whole project down, so at the last moment Cllr Michael Johnson, was contacted (a half cast man) to help.

He did and the Project Went ahead.

You Sir, have been rather silly with your assumptions - Gareth Young (Toque)is a member of the British Labour party, you have been tricked - think long and hard about what you have done.

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Well said. Uncles' and

Well said.

Uncles' and England's treatment of John was disgusting and is still going on. Indeed I posted a simple and logical question to 'Cassie' as he calls himself whcih he has yet to respond to.

They are bunch of total weirdos to be honest, who have a paranoia of censorship and moderation, a sure sign of what lurks beneath.

As John has repeatedly stated, until just over a week ago neither of us had hear of any of them. Then Uncles felt the need to take an article and it all went from there. Now it is them getting shirty with us for debating it, which exposes them for what they really are.

Keep up the good work Toque.

So who to actually vote for

So who to actually vote for then?

That's a great question

That's a great question James. It's up there with Uncles' "Who's Charles Clarke?".

Jury Team look good, but tiny and new. A couple of LPUK libertarians are standing locally if you live in certain areas (details on their site).

Despite learning about

Despite learning about Uncles' despicable behaviour prior to today's elections I still voted Eng Dem. The ideal situation being that they poll just high enough to show the government that people are angry at their treatment of England without electing an Eng Dem candidate. Uncles should be removed from his post and made an example of. The EDP should cut all links with the EFP and condemn their policies as unrepresentative of the English movement. If this doesn't happen then all decent members of the EDP must find an alternative, whether it's the FEP, a new civic nationalist party or simply campaigning through the CEP.

I feel very let down by the

I feel very let down by the EDP, but it's great to see you posting again, Gareth - for whatever reason!

If they had dropped their

If they had dropped their links with the England First Party, they would have had my vote. As it is it went elsewhere.

So much for the assurances

So much for the assurances that you and the Eng Dems had sorted this vendetta out.

This does no end of damage to the English cause as the English Democrats are the only political party who even mention England let alone stand for England.

The enemies of England and there are lots of them are just waiting to be able to call English nationalists racist - Steve Uncles is playing into their hands.

Can you imagine the field day the press would have in the event of SU being elected to the EU parliament? IMO Steve Uncles needs to resign for the good of our country.

Anyway Gareth have you come out of retirement for good or just to do this?

Just to do this, for the

Just to do this, for the meantime.

One good thing to come out of

One good thing to come out of this is the English Democrats being criticised by Boatang who couldn't hold down a lucid argument with a 5 year-old. So linking to that crap blog as a source of rational discourse undermines Gareth's tirade somewhat.

Having said that I think the decent members of the English Democrats should club together and buy off Uncles and send him to the party(ies) he'd be more suited to. He certainly does not represent the majority of the English Democrats, from what I know of them.

The English Democrats will survive, just as the Labour Party and trades unions survived thousands of members marching in support of Enoch Powell.

The best thing it could do in my opinion, is to ban membership of other parties, as Labour does, or at least only have members of other parties as affiliates with no voting rights. This would go some way to stopping the efforts of wreckers.

If Uncles is not a plant, I don't believe he could have done a better job of tarnishing the party if he were one - that is my honest opinion.

Your real problem with the EDP though Gareth is you never got over the spats you had with a couple of its members, which should have been sorted out between yourselves. If you were Welsh you'd be called "Gareth the Grudge".

No doubt, Gareth, you'll say I support Uncles, because I criticised you. I do not support Uncles and say openly I consider what he wrote to be morally reprehensible. However, I believe he did not speak for the party, and it is pretty certain he never cleared his comments with the NC. If he did clear his remarks, they should back him. If he didn't, they should sack him.

I voted English Democrats in the Eu-elections and spoilt my ballot paper with "none of this rabble" having been presented with only Tory, Labour and the BNP as choices. There are many good people in the English Democrats who deserve the support of rational English nationalists so I would say "Vote English Democrats"..

I should have said I spoilt

I should have said I spoilt my ballot paper in the local elections having been presented with only Tory, Labour and the BNP as choices.

No doubt, Gareth, you’ll say

No doubt, Gareth, you’ll say I support Uncles, because I criticised you.

No, I don't think that. I know that you aren't too pleased about Uncles' conduct. You may not like the fact that I take issue with the things that he posts on forums, but I will, as will a lot of people besides me. If we're going to win our battle we will win it more easily without picking battles and offending people that we do not need to pick battles with or offend.

Uncles' problem is that he makes the wrong friends and picks the wrong enemies.

@Stephen Gash You can hardly

@Stephen Gash
You can hardly complain about Boatang and Demetriou's treatment of Uncles when, by your own admittance, you would like to distance yourself from him to the extent of him being in a different party.
And it's not as if Uncles is alone, is it, or that he's just a minor figure? He's a lead EU candidate and a funder.
Tell you what, you help to clean up the EDP and we can leave the EDP alone as there'll be no need to discuss it once he and his ilk are out of it.
I have no problem whatsoever with English Nationalists, provided people with views similar to Uncles' aren't involved.

The Citizens of Doncaster saw

The Citizens of Doncaster saw fit to elect Peter Davies (English Democrats) as Mayor.
In spite of accusations and counter accusations could this be the start of something big for the ED's?.

Good to see a new post Toque!

Welcome back,Toque. The sad

Welcome back,Toque. The sad thing for those of us who support an English Parliament and wish to cast a vote to this end is that we are stymied by your comments on the EDP. Where do we go if we want to do more than just write to each other and wring our hands at the treatment of the English? At the very least, the EDP has a profile and wants an EP.Looking to the mainstream parties for support has made little progress on this issue over the last ten years. All very depressing to see this in-fighting which can only prove a distraction from campaigning.Our foes will be delighted at the internercine nature of the debate within the English Nationalist community.

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